Kul Tiras

"Yes, we're going there, my father, although I think I have some special orders you may pass on to my subjects." (OOC: You've got that PM?)

Before leaving, Thaumas called upon Xanthus Alverold, his beloved son-in-law, husband of his eldest daughter. Despite being already in his 40s, Thaumas had no sons that could inherit his kingdom after his death. Only hope was Xanthus or... getting a new wife. His late wife, Iole, died in childbirth two years later, although the child was another girl. "Listen me, Xanthus, into your hands I give the kingdom during my absence. If that coward Janus shows up, deal with him with all the might you can muster, but remember to call for me about the troubles. I hope you understand that."

(OOC: Guess Tim where I've got Alverold as a last name)

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