Alford: *shouting towards Sherman* Beware Marshal, they have allies among our own guards! Gather your men and stop them from hurting my people!

Sherman quickly complies, him and his men engaging the rebels in battle and forcing them to break their circle formation. Alford briefly watches as one of the riders slashes the throat of one of his guards and Sherman, enraged, cuts off one of the horses' legs in a mighty sword strike, sending both beast and rider to the ground. The rider cries in pain, his leg crushed under his wounded steed.

Sherman: Heretical bastard! *kicks the rebel's head with his sabaton, breaking his neck*

Meanwhile, Canbrad has managed to hoist the chained Krowl into an empty horse he brought along. Krowl trashes around, trying to free himself, but the older rebel hits him in the head with the pommel of his sword, dazing him. Canbrad grabs the reigns of both horses and spurs his forward, giving Alford a triumphant gaze.

Canbrad: We have the traitor, brothers! Retreat!

The many rebels around him try to move towards the city gates, some succeding, some not. Canbrad is fleeing unopposed, the guards having their hands full with his henchmen.

Alford: *shouting* As if! *turning to Thomassy* Court Wizard, immobilize the legs of those horses, NOW!

Thomassy focuses and waves his hands for moments that seem to draw out like hours, causing them to glow with a faint white light. Pointing his hand at the horses, the wizard closes it as if grasping something midair - and the horses' legs turn stiff, making them fall to the ground and dropping their riders alongside them.

Alford grabs the executioner's dropped sword from the floor and runs towards Krowl, reaching him before Canbrad can recompose himself from the fall. Blood is flowing from an open wound in his head - nothing that a good healer can't treat. Canbrad, on the other hand, seems to be perfectly healthy and ready to fight.

Canbrad: I won't let you make this traitor into a symbol! His head is mine!

Alford: *giving him a passionless stare* No.

And the king lunges at the rebel, aiming for the heart.

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