Kul Tiras

Thaumas mutters under his nose, barely audible.
"Crap. Why is everything happening to me at once?"
After a few thoughts, he quickly came back to remember the 'magic words' Phorcys gave him.
"Listen to me, mighty beasts, feed yourself upon the cattle on the city's side, and once your appetite is sated, respond to my subjects and listen them as your masters. I call to thee in the name of the great Mnesthes - Mnesthes ftang! Mnesthes ftang! Mnesthes ftang!"
Looking as Couatl fled to search for the cattle, Thaumas turned his face to the Vizier and his matters.
(OOC: I hope this is not godmodding, I needed to resolve it somehow to move along)
"Stand up, Vizier. I don't want you dead, just not yet. I know what my father implied by knocking you out, he... knows things. To prove me your loyalty... I want you to send an assassin against Janus. And to bring Janus' head on my table by you. Then and only then I might once again trust you... a bit."

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