Pushing away from his mind the unfortunate fate of the poor young couple, Alford focuses on the matter at hand.

Alford: Sherman, escort Krowl to the dungeons. Make sure his stay there is the most comfortable the situation can allow. Thomassy, acompany me to my quarters.

Sherman bows, issues some commands to the guards and they all march towards the dungeons, surrounding Maximus Krowl who sports a distraught expression. Alford, closely followed by Thomassy, swiftly walks to the royal chambers and locks the door behind them.

Alford: I'm sorry for forcing you to take a Wizard's Oath, Court Wizard, but it is necessary. Know that I only ask this of you because you are the only person I can rely on for this matter and it's of the utmost importance that what we are about to discuss does not leave this room.

Thomassy: *feeling more reassured, lifts his palm and conjures a glowing blue orb* I swear I will not talk about this matter to no one but you, my king.

The orb remains undisturbed and, after a small nod from Alford, it vanishes.

Alford: Thomassy, Maximus Krowl will be executed tomorrow at noon. Marshal Sherman has already received orders to spread the news to the populace. However, I need you special talents to make sure everything goes according to my plan...


An enormous commotion fills the streets of Lordaeron City. Thousands and thousands of people are gathered in the town square, eager to see wht fate has in store for Maximus Krowl, the notorious rebel leader.

A seldom seen guillotine has been assembled in the center of the square and is being tested by an executioner in a stern black outfit. Court Wizard Thomassy stands by the device with a focused look on his face, overseeing the procedure.

The sound of a dozen deathly trumpets pierces the noise, turning it into a tense silence. A cadre of guards march into the square, escorting King Alford, a victorious-looking Marshal Sherman and a chained Maximus Krowl. The people make way for the procession, whispering among themselves.

"All according to plan.", Alford thought. "In half an hour, I'll have killed two birds with one stone."

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