OOC: I'm going to start it on Saturday.
But I can give you something to do till then, I might as well.


Lord Xie and Court Wizard Caxagord soon depart Alterac City with a detachment of elite soldiers. Their destination is Fenris Isle; the location of the grand meeting of nations. Xie knows how important it will be to forge diplomatic relations.

Caxagord sighs heavily.
"What is wrong, Caxagord?" Xie asks his humbled court wizard as they ride through the lush mountain passes towards Lordamere Lake.
"I be miss Drace."
"She was a fool, and is under house arrest now!" Xie insists.
"Okay." Caxagord concedes.
"Our new general will do nicely." Xie laughs. "He will do a better, powerful job. I left him in charge so he can rule in my absence, because he is trustworthy like your father."

The company stumbles across a haggard band of terrified women and children on the road.
"Be getting out of the way, please!" Caxagord spits.
"No wait, they might be suffering injuries of the bad kind." one of the guards says.
"You shut up, you aren't Lord." Caxagord hisses back.

One of the women wails and tugs at Caxagord's robes.
"Let go, miss." Caxagord commands.
She only continues crying and wailing, tugging viciously.
"You must save the children! We were ambushed by witch hunters who said that we were evil heretics! They killed our husbands, burned our homes and raped our cattle! Please, Lord Xie! Have mercy and take us with you! We can serve you if you will feed and clothe us!"

"You be going now, or else what!" Caxagord roars, quite angrily.

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