The Amani

Jin'thek: Damm mon, it seems we will have to escort the Dwarves through Shadowpine territory.

Ba'jal: But mon the Shadowpine don't like tresspassers.

Jin'thek: Indeed thats why won't be tresspassers, they have probably captured the dwarf by now so, we will go and buy him back.

Ba'jal: But what about the Dwarves mon?

Jin'thek:Tell the scout to go as fast as he can to the shrine and bring us some chains with the offerings for the Shadowpine, we will pass the Dwarves as our slaves until we pass Shadowpine territory.

Ba'jal: Nice idea mon, do you want me to tell the Dwarves?

Jin'thek: Yes mon, I don't feel like talking with the Dwarf. Also tell the warriors that are guarding him.

Ba'jal: As you wish mon.

Jin'thek: Oh and before I forget, tell the Scout to bring the elven arrows too, our little friends will need some kind of clue to find the scum.

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