The Amani

Nuvazgal grunts at Jin'thek.
"We be seein' about that, mon. Time will tell, methinks. I keepin' a real close eye on all of you. We didn't find no elves after all, no souls have been avenged this day. I return to Maisara now, but I be seein' you real soon, mon, real soon."

The rains begin to abate as the Mosstusks begin pulling out of the clearing.
Ba'jal leers suspiciously at the dwarves, and returns to the side of his master.
"Boss, these dwarves be wishin' to find their companion. He can't be far. With your leave I go after them. But we gots a problem, mon. Their friend rode south, and that be the territory of them Shadowpine tribe. They don't like no tresspassers mon."


OOC: Thanks Wabba; I'll soon give you your next decision situation. Just have to let Zula resolve this little issue and you'll be off to find your friend.

Ironforge - Skirvar

Urel sighs deeply, before whispering into his master's ear.
"Skirvar, the rains will be makin' this search most difficult. Hopefully our hosts will be able to find the way. But whatever happens, remember that we are expendable in our mission. If worst comes to worst we might have ta' make a martyr out of Jaril. But not if I gots anythin to do wiff it."

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