The Amani

Jin'thekl:"Dwarves?? Here?? in our land?" Said with a mixture of disdain and surprise in his voice.

Scout: Has you heard mon.

The Troll Warlord rushed outside of his tent then lifted his head up to the cloudy sky and made some strange shrieking noise. In almost an instant his mighty mount landed infront of him.

Jin'thekl:"Well then, lead the way" said while getting up the bird's back.

They rushed outside of the settlement and into the forest, The sound of thunder was heard in the distance warning of the coming rain. They traveled through the forest until they got to clearing.

There they were the Amani and Mosstusk warriors forming a circle an pointing their weapons towards their Dwarven captives, while near them Ba'jal and Overlord Nuvzagal talked. When Jin'thek and the scout came out the forest Ba'jal noticing them aproched to their position, Jin'thek meanwhile noticed that Nuvzagal nodded his head towards greeting him.

Jin'thekl:"Tell me the news Ba'jal" Said Jin'thek, while he responded Nuvzagal's gesture.

The skies resounded with thunder again.

Ba'jal:"Well, like the scout probably told you mon, we were looking for the elves when we found these Dwarves. We waited to see where they were going hoping they would take us to the elfs but....."


Ba'jal:"But they were aparently lost, they just wandered aimlessly when we decided to catch them"

Another thunder was heard, this time even nearer

Jin'thekl::" Are they the ones responsible?"

Ba'jal:"Negative mon, they aren't carrying any bows just axes, quite bold if you ask me" " But thats why we called you my Warlord, they asked for you"

Jin'thekl::They asked for me?

Ba'jal:"One of them babbled in our language something about his grandmother, and offer and the amani warlord."

Jin'thekl:" But they speak human?" Said with his face twitching in disgust

Ba'jal:"It seems so but for some reason he knows some of our tounge"

The sound of thunder was becoming stronger with each passing moment.

Jin'thekl:Well my friend lets find out

Jin'thek and Ba'jal walked forwards leaving the scout and Nuvzagal behind and aproched the warriors, who moved so the Warlord and his lituenant coul pass. He looked down to the Dwarves and said in a broken common

Jin'thekl:"Well who of ya asked for me presense"

And just then the first summer rain began to fall in Zul'aman.

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