Skirvar tries to remember the lessons of Zandali he received during on of his expiditions into the southern parts of Azeroth, but due to their heavy accent and their low volume he couldn't understand what the trolls said to one another.
{Zandali (with a thick "jungle" accent): "Greetings mighty Amani, we come in grandmother!} No wait, I think that was wrong {I meant, we come in peace. My name is Skirvar Thaurissan and this is my companion Urel Wildhammer. The other dwarf that "escaped" was Jaril Bronzebeard, a priest of the light. We are on a diplomatic mission and want to make an offer to the High Warlord of the Amani.
I asure you that only we three are on this mission and that you are the first trolls we saw.
I also carry with me a letter signed by Zul'kutha, highpriest of Zanza in which he attests that I am an ally to all trolls.}"

Skirvar nimbly slides his hand into his long sleeve and takes a papyrus scroll out of it which he opens toward Ba'jal. [I hope this doesn't count as godmoding, I have a backstory for Skirvar that explains why he can speak Zandali etc. and wish to explain it a bit when/if he speaks with the warlord/s^^]

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