OOC: You can summon them there but they'll probably introduce a whole new problem for you. I'll roll a dice to see if they go wild, kill your own men, etc.




Smoke rises from the forges of the capital of Gilneas, the city of Ginchar, and Jamal Hildebrand the Perspicacious ascends the highest tower in the city. He is awaited by his king, Viktor Greymane. Viktor is getting on in years, but his iron rule has kept the nation safe throughout hard times nonetheless. Now in the recent years of religious tension, his Light worshipping fancies are beginning to backfire. The people scream for change, and want to replace Viktor with a pagan queen.
"What have you to report, court wizard?" Viktor asks his regional governor.
Jamal Hildebrand the Perspicacious heaves a sigh.
"Our forces were decimated at Henlinn, liege. General Mordred had an inside man, Captain de Bracy himself. Both of them stand poised to march on Ginchar. General Mordred sent us but one message, my king."
"What message is that, Jamal?" Viktor asks.
"Make your time."

Timolas presents...

The Zinite Azure army of Mordred marches northwards towards Ginchar, streaming blue banners as they draw nearer to their goal.

An IPC Production...

Jamal Hildebrand and Viktor send the city guard to man their positions.

Produced by the Cult of Yubes

Viktor chooses a sword from a large rack in his personal armoury. "I choose you, Painbrand." Jamal laughs. "You choose the sword, my king? No, dear master. Painbrand chooses you!"

* Camera pans in.*

Jamal and Viktor stand on the city walls of Ginchar as the Azure rebel army approaches. Ever helpful, Jamal turns to his king.
"What are your orders? We can attempt to hold them and break Mordred's strength against the city walls in a siege, but we lost most of our forces at Henlinn." Jamal explains, eager to be fill in his advisory role as always. "Or, my king, we could try other means. There are secret tunnels beneath the city. In ages past, they served as secret headquarters for cultists, but they have been deserted now. If you wish, we can use them to escape Ginchar. In seven days, King Alford Menethil of Lordaeron is hosting a meeting at Fenris Isle. We could plead for help there. Unless you have any better ideas, of course."

"Damnit, Jamal." Viktor grumbles. It would be a humiliation to lose Ginchar to Mordred, his former protege. Beneath them, the Azure army is setting up camp.
Suddenly, Viktor catches sight of a wing of cavalry riding down from the hills. It is the Leafhill Brigade!

A cry rises from the reinforcements.
"For Great Justice!"
And the Leafhill riders are charging through Azure lines like the wind, tearing and trampling.
Unfortunately, they did not account for the Hareveim of Zinine. The female spellcasters amidst the enemy ranks begin tearing the riders down with blasts of blue magic.

"Oh." Jamal grumbles.

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