Hesperian Alliance


Majordomo to Javali, Mage-Commander







The junior magus known as Ulyssan was the apprentice of Casamir Odelic. When his master rebelled against the dictatorship of Javali, Ulyssan followed dutifully, becoming an agent of the rebel Kirin Mora. He witnessed atrocities committed by both the Kirin Mora and by the supporters of Javali during the war that ensued. While trying to escape Dalaran, many Kirin Mora were slain, amongst them Nicholas Drake, a friend of Ulyssan.

Seeking shelter in the sympathetic city of Ambermill, the Kirin Mora prepared for their war with Dalaran. Ulyssan grew homesick very quickly, and longed for the better days where he could study in peace and attempt to fall into the arms of his darling, Julia Windfarer. When Casamir Odelic lost his life in one of the first major battles of the rebellion, Ulyssan decided that he had no reason remaining to support what he saw was the madness and envy of Grigori Dosantos.

Ulyssan defected to the side of Javali and his dictatorship, and pledged himself to the cause of that was to be that of eliminating his former allies. As a commander of Javali's new regime, Ulyssan oversaw the creation of bombs of fine metal powder and saw to other personal arrangements in the Violet Citadel. He accompanied Javali to Fenris Isle for the Summertide Summit, and defended his master when chaos erupted at the meeting. Ulyssan protected Javali from the onslaughts of Grigori Dosantos, who had teleported into the meeting hall to assassinate the pagan leaders. He managed to see Javali safely on a ship back to Dalaran, before he was overwhelmed by the onslaught of Adaen Melrache and the Kirin Mora. Ulyssan gave his life to ensure that Javali escaped.