The Ultimate Nullifier Prophecies was a series of warnings conveyed to Warester Van Dam by D'vorjakque in an attempt to avert the Age of Men'heva. As the Scroll of Lore had been lost, the Ultimate Nullifier spell could not be regained.

The Heart of Aszune is in Caer Darrow.

There is a Traitor in Ravenholdt.

Wotan Lives.

A New Generation of Incorruptibles Must Confront a Powerful Alliance.

Maintain the secret of the new Man in the Mithril Mask.

Alterac’s fleet must beware the Manta.

From the rubble, shall rise the Shadow God.

Allow Warren to lead his people to the desert sands.

Destroy 6664332.

Beware Arronax, Son of Relfthra.

Keep an eye on Ewe Marsh.

Break the facade.

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