Tornio was a southern Hesperian city-state, located near the border of Stromgarde. Due to its location, Tornio was often caught between the struggles of Stromgarde and the rest of the Hesperian city-states. Andriano in particular had a long history of enmity with Stromgarde. Tornio, however, often chose to support Stromgarde rather than Andriano.

Due to its historical ties of support with Stromgarde, Tornio was often regarded with suspicion. However, when the Hesperian Alliance was proposed, the lady Angelia Lionheart agreed to join it. However, when Stromgarde finally declared war on Hesperia, Tornio opened its gates to the invaders almost immediately.

Eventually, pagan operatives under Madreen Chameral managed to capture Tornio with the help of Yarin Angerforge's dwarven expedition. In response, Stromgarde sent its Brotherhood of Strom to reclaim the city. By the time the Brotherhood had secured Tornio once again, Stromgarde was losing the war and a coup back home had cut off the supply lines.

The armies of the Hesperian Alliance eventually crushed Stromgarde outside the Thoradin Wall, securing Tornio's place in the Hesperian Alliance, whether its people liked it or not.

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