One of the Shermans, Thera was patriotic, fearless and intelligent. The cousin of Marshal James Sherman
Paladin by Remainaery

I am not a damsel in distress.

and the administrator of the Sherman Estate. She had an affair with Maximus Krowl, but as she was of high nobility, their love was destined to failure. Out of bitterness, Maximus Krowl was motivated to change the order of things, and helped found the People's Front of Lordaeron.

Thera Sherman, however, believed in the monarchy and the dignity of the royal line, and remained with her father, cousin and family opposed to the rebels. The Front was defeated, but unbeknowest to Thera, Krowl was given a second chance and sent to Alterac, where he toppled the Xie dynasty and became king under the alias Halman Perenolde.

Krowl sent Henrick Balnir back to Lordaeron to find Thera Sherman. Lordaeron itself had fallen to a coup conducted by Andol Corin. Isolated and surrounded by pagans, Thera failed to resist Henrick Balnir and the estate was sacked.

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