Rum Rum Rhulin
Nicknamed Rum Rum, Theodore Aloysius Frederick Rhulin was the leader of the Middlecreek Brigade, composed of survivors from the Siege of Middlecreek. He was known to enjoy a spot of rum now and then.

When he encountered Xalmor Windrunner in the ruins of Middlecreek, he was eager to lend assistance against the Esoteric Order.

Ultimately, Theodore grew suspicious of many of the allies Xalmor had rallied in Grinwillow. He suspected all former Esoterics of treachery and threatened to take his Middlecreek Brigade away from the conflict unless Xalmor turned on the Esoterics.

Xalmor was not amused. He killed Theodore on the spot. Ichabod Cohen replaced him as leader of the Brigade.

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