I will use this page as a headquarters in my transfer from solo- to wiki of my project to summarize the Great War. In short, it intends to be nothing less than a full description of the Great War and its background.

The War being what it is, a detailed summary easily gets cluttered, and information which at one time is taken for true is later subverted or reinterpreted. Further, as scale and time is somewhat flexible, it should also be explained that I, for now, use mostly myself and my earlier efforts in this line to organize and make sense of the War. This summary will, no doubt, have to be written and re-written extensively, and if ever coming up to the "present" will still hardly be "completed" or "definite". Further, I haven't a very good insight in the wiki - I know there's lots of information added in here, that has not been mentioned in the forum.

While I will definitely appreciate feedback, I would also ask that others do not edit too much, before I have had a chance to transfer all of my earlier material into this medium - which will take a while to compile - and to do some formatting of it. For now, the summary will not be using any information added after April 2011.

A note on chronology: as this is all very much so up in the air, I will use a mix of two systems of my own devising, which will no doubt prove impossibly confusing to everyone but me. It will be phased out eventually, one hopes. Suffice to say that I wrote originally in a "short", compressed timeline, by which the days of the War have been numbered; but that I later on stretched that timeline to fit a longer timeline. This because I felt the original timeline was too rushed and not very realistic in terms of scale and the medieval pace of things. The timestamps are anyway mostly helpful for organizing the thingiemabob.

And if you think this intro was long, just wait until you see what's coming down below...

Age of Myths (forming of the world to -2200 b.S.K.)Edit

In the beginningEdit

In a mythical age before the forming the world, or perhaps after, the Four undimmed forces of life walked the earth. And all who saw them amazed at the glory of their inspiring existence. Yet a time came when they chose to Slumber, and a Veil was put over the world, and will remain until the prophecied Awakening. And this they did because they saw that by their light, they dimmed the world around them, and this was not as they wished. Therefore they chose to Slumber, and let each find their own way and not be influenced by them. Yet come Awakening the Meanings will once again be made manifest in the world, and the faithful will reap what they have sown, and the fallen ones will see the emptiness of their idols and suffer.

Also, the titan Tyr gave his turned-human son Wotan the spear Gungir. According to myth.

The Empires and their FallEdit

At the very dawn of elven civilization, there rose the Kelani Empire, protected by D'vorjakque the Lieutenant of Zinine. And the city of Queen Aszune was great, and its beauty a wonder to behold.

However, when the great and peaceful warlord Men'nuth of a trollish tribe that had worshipped Mnesthes since time immemorial died, his son Men'heva ascended to the throne. And Men'heva was ordered by Xaxion Drak'eem, Son and Prophet of the Viridian God, First of the Lieutenants of the Four, to destroy the Kelani.

The war they fought was great and bloody and brought ruin to both nations. And when Men'heva in the end looked out over the wasted ruins of fabled Kalidar, he saw that by following Xaxion, he had doomed all that he had loved, and brought destruction upon the followers of the Four. And he swore vengeance. Then he was joined by D'vorjakque, who had preserved the heart of his beloved Queen, and they were united in their hatred of Xaxion Drak'eem.

Now there were other Empires of the Four in the old world, and the Mezejin Imperium was governed by Xostheron the Lieutenant of Muhar, and by Xaxion's instigations they fought many and bloody wars with the faithful of Brux, led by Akaerna-Sagai, and what few followers there were left of Mnesthes and Zinine. And often these wars would center around Ythan'alai, a great and holy city. And these wars continued until all the faithful of the Four were all but destroyed by one another or subjected to other races.

And when the Sundering came, it was all Xostheron could do to shield Ythan'alai, where he dwelled with a few faithful trollish tribes.

The Dark AgesEdit

In the chaos that followed the Sundering, Men'heva and D'vorjakque, who had granted the former immortality by his own power, retreated to the dark corners of the world, far from the eyes of Xaxion Drak'eem, for he ever pursued them as they were rebellious against him. Now these two sought to amass a following against him, but as soon as they succeeded, they were scattered by his great strength.

But even as this happened, Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai had overcome their differences, for they finally saw that their long enmity had in part been the fault of Xaxion Drak'eem. And now these two asked the question: "why do our masters sleep?" And Xaxion told them, as he had done for a long time, "they sleep for they wish to be forgotten, so that their meanings may become more true to those that discover them in their own hearts". But they did no longer believe in him.

Thus Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai rose in rebellion against Xaxion Drak'eem, and great and furious was the war which they wreaked against him in Ythan'alai. And they had joined with the Black Dragons, and wrought terrible machines of war, which they had fuelled by the sacrifice of a tribe called the Urubori which lived nearby. These they controlled with the secrets of the Tome of Eternety, writ in the blood of their draconid allies. Yet Xaxion, who was joined by the Red Flight, fought them until neither of them could fight any longer; and Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai were destroyed, and Xaxion Drak'eem lost his physical form.

Now their war had waged a very long time, and many had come to witness it, and came there thereafter to visit great Ythan'alai. And these were blessed with the blood of the gods, and were given the gift of prophecy. And there were some among them who thought that Xaxion Drak'eem fought justly, and these became the Archivists, and there were some who wished to revive Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai, and these became the Chancellors.

Now Men'heva and D'vorjakque had built a great fortress in the south they called Karazhan, and Men'heva entered the world again, and he styled himself as the Prophet of Mnesthes. He preached for a long time to revive the Faiths of the Four and he intended to bring about their Awakening and their judgement of Xaxion Drak'eem.

And the Chancellors, who had seen the future and feared what may come, joined him, and as did many others. Yet still some remained who listened to the voice of Xaxion, and all of them suffered greatly when the humans wrought the religion of Lightism against them.

Age of Legends (-2200 to -600 b.S.K.)Edit

The Troll WarsEdit

As the Lieutenants of the Four had fought their long war, so had the Elven race long battled the Trollish one. Now their kingdom of Quel'thalas was flailing under their new king Anasterian, and they looked to the human tribes for aid. So they allied themselves with the chieftain of an Arathi tribe, his name was Thoradin. To his followers they taught Men the art of arcane sorcery, and thus was formed the Crimson Cabal. Also was at this time the Council of Tirisfal founded, and in both these orders was one who called himself Meryl Winterstorm; and he was one blessed with immortality many years ago at Ythan'alai. So great was his power, and Xaxion Drak'eem's stock in him, that even as he was slain in combat he was brought back to animation.

So was the Troll turned back, and Thoradin was made king of all men. And it was about this time that the Archivists and the Chancellors were split, and also now that the Faith of the Light reached ascendancy among Men. The one who called himself Meryl was of the Archivists, but supported the Chancellors in secret.

The Empire of ArathorEdit

The Empire of Arathor grew very great and across all of Lordaeron, and south to the mountains of Khaz Modan. In one place they would build garrisons, and in another they made puppet kings, and in another they would send their own colonists, so that they soon were Emperors of Man. And they founded Stormwind in the south, and they built Ginchar in the west, and trod tracks through the wilderness of the North all the way to the Evergreen Forest.

But in time, there were those who tired of the Emperors' reign. And knowledge of the Arcane spread from the Crimson Cabal, and many who would learn the mysteries of the arcane left the Crimson Cabal and founded their own order in the west. And in mountainous regions chieftains would declare themselves with no master, and in populous places the local lords would grow so powerful as to heed no master.

The New Kingdoms and Quel'thalasEdit

And now the faiths of the Four were once again woken, and the Chancellors had written their great prophecy, the Scroll of Lore. And what they learned of the future made them very afraid, and they called the path the world was on the Dark Histories, which they resolved to change. And they found in the mountains of Alterac the lords Kravekat and chose to breed into them the blood of the gods, so that Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai might once again enter the world. This they knew would be a very lengthy endeavour, yet they persevered in their task, as among them were some of very long life dedicated to the task.

The Archivists went to Dalaran, and they promised not to interfere with the doings of their once-comrades or the world, and shut their prophecies away where none might see them. And the Empire of Arathor grew weaker, and new Kingdoms were declared.

By this time there were many elves in Quel'thalas that had grown weary with their King Anasterian. For the lords of the Elven race lived long lives in luxury, while there were many who were slaves for short and sorry lives. And these ones listened to the words of the Prophet, and among them rose leaders such as Yol'tithian to champion their cause against the Lightists.

Historic events (-600 b.S.K. to -330 b.S.K.)Edit


-330 b.S.K. (religious schisms deepen)Edit

Civil wars in Lordaeron and Gilneas signal the religious schisms. By the end of the year, Javali sacks the Archives, DeMeza has a major setback in Zul’Dare, and the Battle of Ambermill pits Lordaeron against Dalaran. Sherman defeats the Maroon March, but discontent is still widespread.

The dwarves sail without leadership while Skirvar looks for allies in Lordaeron, winding up with Dalaran; the trolls slowly unite, while the elves disintegrate. Stromgarde quells the Freedom Movement in its northern provinces. Mysteries are dredged up by Caer Darrow. Bergan has returned and the Chancellors prepare themselves.

-329 b.S.K. (the Great War begins in earnest)Edit

Fenris Summit commence, long negotiations dragged out over months trying to settle the simmering disputes. In the end, the troubles are only exacerbated. Phorcys returns to Kul Tiras and instigates the Pogrom, driven vengeful by his son’s death.

Lightist nations gather in Lordaeron City, where the fifty Esraim are anointed. Jintha’alor falls, dislodging the Ancient Egg from its safety. Plans are made to deal with Alterac, instigated and aided by the Tirisfalen. Alterac City falls in the autumn, and the Chancellors are seemingly defeated, replaced with Krowl. Jin’thek deals Hakkar a blow in the south. By both events, Men’heva is strengthened.

In Arathor, religious unrest lead Dorath to arm for war and invade Hesperia. In early winter, Sherman march south and defeats Marius at the Battle of the Fords of Silverpine.

Trolls invade Quel’thalas in spring, and the elves seemingly unite against the common threat. However, the Benefactors betray the alliance and Silvermoon falls by the end of the year.

In Gilneas, Sorsbrent grows strong and begins to threaten Baldanes’ rule in Ginchar.

-328 b.S.K. (the Four ascendant)Edit

Relgast is made highthane of the dwarves. Travot manages to get Stormwind involved in the war.

Baldanes’ Azures are defeated at Zanzifos, preventing D’vorjakque’s attempt to be summoned, and the Scroll travels south. Arinre becomes Queen of Gilneas, and protects her Azure subjects, driving her Lightist nobles to mutiny.

The Benefactors ally themselves with dissenting Arathorians, leading to the Fall of Stromgarde. Arathor descends into chaos. Lordaeron City falls to Andol Corin with his Dalaranese allies. Alford seeks refuge in Alterac, but is betrayed and taken captive.

Sherman marches into a burned Hesperia, burns what’s left, and lays siege to Venege, which is stormed with great casualties in early summer. Javali organizes a counter-invasion on the east front in the spring, and the homeless Arathorians are driven away.

In Sorsbrent, a host of lightists following DeMeza defeats Phorcys in the beginning of the year. They invade Kul Tiras. Stromgarde, heartened by Kul Tiras’ setbacks, attacks as well, inconclusively. Zul’dare is awakened, and Xalmor and Periandrius are made Xaxion’s new prospective champions. Men’heva pits the Zul’dare Esoteric Order against Kul Tiras, and the Invasion Fleet is dispatched.

-327 b.S.K. (present)Edit


Alternative way of looking at it: story arcs, across locationsEdit

Time tentative, but still. In due time I'll add my per'snal sum-up of each story arc, created as a byproduct when making the timeline.

Story arcs

Area >

Time v









Silverpine Gilneas





Alterakc Hinterlands Arathor

The Bay

(Zul Dare)

Kul Tiras



Khaz Modan



(Azeroth, Balor)

Far South




(Plunder, Zandalar)

-331+ HES: The Dictator KT: DeMeza's rebellion IRO: Relgast's retreat



HES: The Kirin Mora
late winter (feb)

early spring


AMA: Call for Carnival LOR: Unrest Confronted IRO: Skirvar's Regency, Blackhammer's Insurgency



ALT: Internalizing External Konflikts

late spring


LOR: The Maroon Marches HES: Javali + Hareveim = Hesperian Alliance KT: Thaumas' Amends, Battle of Drisburg

early summer


AMA, DWA, ELV: If a Dwarf Falls in the Forest, Does it Make a Sound? GIL: Baldanes' Rebellion ALT: Ally the Light!



DWA, ELV: Guests of the Benefactors LOR: Krowl Turned RAV: New Leadership

late summer


AMA: The Festival HES: Sack of the Archives KT: Xanthus: Battle of Zul'dare

early autumn


HES, DWA, ELV: Arrivals to Dalaran KT: To the Mainland! IRO: In Ironforge: Politics and Rescue Missions



LOR, AMA: Battle of Caer Darrow HES, KT: Incident of Seashire

late autumn


LOR, HES:1st Battle of Ambermill

early winter


LOR, Returning Armies HES, GIL: Parisot's Gambit



HES: Events in Dalaran

RAV, HES: Incident of Tarren Mill ALT: Chancing the Summit

late winter


RAV: To The Summit

RAV: Project Ramrod STR: Quelling the Quarrels

early spring


LOR, HES, R'A'V, GIL, STR, ALT, etc: Fenris Summit GIL: Foreign alliances and Internal Strife IRO: Relgast Found, Relgast Sick



AMA, ELV: Trollish Invasion STR: Mobilizing

late spring


HES: After Fenris comes... ALT: Change of Chancellors STR: Eralas' Escape

early summer


LOR: Preparations for War GIL: Sorsbrent Rises HES, STR: Borderline Cold War RAV: The Hinterlands Job



ALT, PER: Crown of Will

late summer


AMA, RAV: Fall of Jintha'alor KA: Alten arrives

early autumn


HES, ALT: Battle of Tarren Mill STR: Dorath King, Long Live KA: Falrevere on Zul'dare KT: Phorcys' Pogrom



LOR, HES, PER: Battle of Silverpine GIL, KT: Arinre's Independence Day HES: When in Dalaran... RAV: The Other Unleashed

late autumn


DWA, LOR, PER: The Fellowship's Journey HES, STR: Invasion of Hesperia ALT, RAV, LOR: Battle of Alterac KP: Periandrius' plans AMA: Jin'thek in the South

early winter


HES, STR, KP: Fall of Seashire KA: Alten's Travels



AMA, ELV, STR: The Fall of Silvermoon GIL, RAV, LOR, BEN, KA: Travellers through Gilneas

late winter


GIL, RAV, LOR: Storming of Ginchar

early spring


GIL, KT, KA, HES, BEN: Battle of Zanzifos



late spring


early summer




late summer


early autumn




late autumn


early winter



0 S.K.Edit

Stormwind King's reckoning is begun; King's Calendar, from WC2 manual or maybe WC1. May mark the rule of the Wrynn, or generally Stormwind's independence. Placing the Great War about -300 before Stormwind-King-calendar years puts it 1000 years the past from present WoW-time. Which is how it's been mentioned before; but really, considering how similar the world is, it doesn't make much sense. More likely +300. Unless it's all blamed on the changing of the world by the inclusion of the Four, of course..

592 S.K. (The First War of Orcs and Humans... or, Age of Men'heva)Edit


Or, real-time calendarEdit

Let's sum up by real-time and game location. Check out them tables... for speed, I only looked at info from every 2nd page in 40-post view. 



Mont V

Quel'danas ______

Zul'aman ________








Hesperia W




Hesperia E












TolBarad and other islands


















Stranglethorn Swamp ______











2009 330






Amani hunters killed Brill rebels Baldanes besieges Ginchar Highthane sick, Skirvar leaves


Dwarves in Zul'aman Alford negotiates People's Front Archives sacked Xie departs Alterac, sunkick Battle of Drisburg


Myrokos flees Rimtori, sold out by Collective Jin'thek meets Men'heva Battle of Stratholme Krowl's "execution", Canbrad rebels

Bergan burns Caxagord,

Ambermill starts

Elves and dwarves try to ally Dalaran

Warester departs Ravenholdt,

Thaumas in Seashire

Eralas departs for Fenris (gunpowder wip)


Jin'thek meets Mnesthes and Hakkar

Adaen, battle of Andorhal

Battle of Ambermill gets Perinany,

Warester-on-sea meets Faldren

Travot woos Lolita,

Tarren Mill - kills Juntridge

e Battle of Zul'dare hunt for Janus Highthane worse, search for son


Trolls into Quel'thalas catacombs Battle of Caer Darrow

Battle of Ambermill

Fenris starting,

Van Dam meets Tirisfalen

Relgast in Cary'leh


Battle of Caer Darrow

Winthalus in Lordaeron

Battle of Ambermill ends, Marius sheepish

Fenris ongoing, Battle of Fenris

Lost Legion gets lost

Ravenholdts accepts BJ contract...



Trolls attacking Quel'thalas Hellen visiting Caer Darrow Battle of Fenris Parisot visits Dalaran Battle of Jintha'alor Viktor serves Baldanes, going to Fenris


In Lordaeron - dwarves, Perinany, elves, Marden humbled Xie raids Perinany Keep Andol arrives Dalaran Hellen goes Other Battle of Jintha'alor Joachim Alten arrives Boralus


2010 329 Quel Zula Strat Mid Tir Sil HesW Alt HesE Ara Hint Bara Zuld Giln TB KT Khaz Fag Badl Hoch KaraUT SW SouthIsl Strang Trolls Kalim North Other AoM


Perinany vs Marius,

Sherman marches south

Xalmor tires of Javali, to Gilneas

Travot arrives Alterac

Krowl, too

Battle of Tarren Mill Melusine meets Alten


Major elven civil war battle, trolls circle it Battle of the Fords of Silverpine Battle of Alterac Battle of Tarren Mill Stromgarde announced Archbishop, Eralas depressed

Jintha'alor subdued

Gerard to Middlecreek

Strangers in Harrowdale,

Ercate musters for war

Phorcys purging, Alten reacts

Zul'gurumo musters for Jin'thek


Battle of the Fords of Silverpine Battle of Alterac Pagan riots in Stromgarde

Ercate takes Braent, unites South

(Arinre supports Lightist resistance)



Battle of Sunsail Anchorage Battle of the Fords of Silverpine Battle of Alterac

Amaulthar attacks Strangers,

Ercate sieges Ginchar


Elf army approaches

Battle of the Fords of Silverpine,

Golems go berserk

Battle of Alterac,

Xie puts on the Crown

Leo negotiates Franek

Strangers arrive Ginchar,

Arinre meets De Meza

Jin'thek and dragons arrive Duskwood Jin'thek flies to Swamp, war there


Massacre of Fairbreeze,

Troll army quickmarches to Silvermoon

Lordaeri fleet omw to Kul Tiras

Battle of Silverpine proper,

Marius starts  retreat to Ambermill

Battle of Alterac Leo negotiates Franek with Gabranth

Battle of Ginchar,

De Meza gains influence

(Namor gets vision from Phorcys about coatl craft carriers)  Ambertrees caught between Metzli and Atal'ai


Dragonhawks shift and trolls have an epiphany

(Troll civilians attacked)

Retreat from Silverpine

Retreat from Silverpine

Battle of Alterac, palace destroyed.

Arathor invades Hesperia,

Arathor invades Hesperia

Battle of Ginchar,

To Zanzifos, (Zanzifos summit)

Namor Periandrius arrives Boralus


Winthalus reinstated to Convocation,

Still action at Sunsail with Rimtori in charge of grand army

Getting colder

Eralas arrives and takes command

(Companions come here from Lordaeron)

Rofelius the Forgotten captured

Andol takes Lordaeron city

Ambermill left by splitting Hesperians, burned by Sherman

Teliel gets involved

Javali sips tea for weeks then goes east

Leo's nephew conspires vs Javali,

Alterac battle epilogue, Krowl takes over, Myriads arrive, Winteraxe attack

Ramrods arrive

Arathor invades Hesperia,

Eels in Seashire with mages,

Dwarves arriving to Hesperia and w Madreen approach Tornio

Battle of Seashire, Javali arrives vs Septim

Madreen's rebellion saves Sebastian of Cattana,

Garn leaves Stromgarde

Battle of Zanzifos starting

Carl has joined Baldanes, Ercate is a dick with Magyver-Warren

Sorsbrent taken by Tebrin, Lordaerean armada arrives,

Periandrius and Melusine,

Falrevere escapes imprisonment

To the Temple


Battle of Silvermoon Teliel to Dorian

Alford flees to Strahnbrad,

Rav: Jacula back from the dead

Arlith-Madreen Battle of Tornio

Battle of Zanzifos (Xalmor deaded)

Battle of the Hills,

Battle of Sorsbrent

Garn arrives


Jin'thek arrives, Battle of Silvermoon

Rimtori goes south,

Kariel going up, turns on Anasterian

Rimtori goes gnoll

Shadowbreaker musters in Hearthglen, goes to Northridge , Teliel starts harassing Sherman with Pasatans and Pellernians Madreen approaches Seashire Robere and Flamingo arrive, meet Companions Namor, Xalmor; Ewe - Outsiders in Zul'dare, Esoteric meeting

Battle of the Hills

Battle of Zanzifos - Tirisfalen arrive,

Joachim succeeds DeMeza, Battle of Sorsbrent


Kariel told to prepare for KT, Rommath rejects him

Nuvazgal confronts Jin'thek

Rimtori takes over Strattania Teliel vs Sherman and Perinany Teliel harassing Sherman, Marius-pirelli, Perinany approach

Krowl contacts Corin, has kidnapped Alford and turns on Ravenholdt

Battle of Seashire ends,

Companions vs Madreen, Yarin in Seashire

Leo and Korgal takes Cattana

Companions go to Hesperia, Tornio

Redpath attacks; Battle of New Barsmouth, Xalmor Esoteric lord

Aiming into the forest

Dick joins Kruel (meet w De Meza), Battle of Zanizof - Baldanes, Ercate dead

Travot meets Wrynn


(Kruel takes Ginchar) (Lightist rebels attack Boralus, betrayed by Braent)
2011 328 Quel Zula Strat Mid Tir Sil HesW Alt HesE Ara Hint Bara Zuld Giln TB KT Khaz Fag Badl Hoch KaraUT SW SouthIsl Strang Trolls Kalim North Other AoM


Jin's curse bad, meets Anasterian in dream Rimtori Andol's advisor

Teliel injured, in retreat, (Cipher joins) 

Venege fallen? When? 

Ravenholdt frees Alford from Snowfold, on to Lordamere Madreen, Javali heads on Stromgarde Vitalian's

Khalabrond meets Ephraim at Middlecreek

Ythan'alai - Xaxion reveals Truth - Malefactors founded

Arinre Queen,

Becta sieges Ginchar

Lightist rebels camp outside Drisburg

(Ewe and Barny escape Boralus)


And now he IS Anasterian!

Rommath forms his Convocation

Kariel returns... and evacuates people as per Men'heva

Rimtori-Andol besiege Church of the North Alford-ship attacked by Zaramim

Javali heads for Cattana, Madreen backseats

Teliel ponders her Mark, with Elrios etc

Krowl kinda turning on Owen

Assassin-magi attack Ravenholdt

Leo meets with Notaras, Korgal acting up; meet with Septim

Haeliel, H/Liera head to Stonehold

Eldengar rises, Liera joins

Madreen tasked by Kariel to overlord Arathor

Stormwind arrives, Travot finds Wotan and Tatiana

Half-trolls chase Periandrius-Xalmor off the island

Isolation ending... invasion fleet goes forth

Kruel unleashes golems

Warren-Amarian meets Minerva

Stormwind approaches, Azure Legion raised

Vael joins anti-Kruel League

Periandrius-Xalmor arrives to Boralus,

Stormwind announces approach

Xanthus-Joachim in talks

Ewe gets to Drisburg and Dampwallace





Shadowbreaker arrivs to Siege of Northridge

Leo and Cenus attacked by Risotto

Javali attacks Septim in the Battle of the Wall

Ravenholdt-Fenris deal

Warren-Amarian fighting heretics, Shadow spreads

Becta betrays Aranas, A disappears

Esoterics attacking Rhodos under Ewe, Stormwind gets it

Jo returns to rebels; deal with Xanthus failed; learns of Balor and his family's death

Battle of Boralus, THE VISION, makrura.

Scroll troubles


Jin has Hakkar dream; Demoniac at last (Mageriff negotiates with Marius) ( dragonsattack) Arinre imprisons Becta, Azure Legion to Braent


Northridge switcheroo

Man in the Silver mask is... Bauros?

Myrokos arrives Fenris

Thomassy-Augusta grr

Teliel and harevs get to Dalaran

Sherman demoted by Fist

Krowl, Owen get into catacombs, regroup.

Cenus dies... and then Leo too.

Franek impersonates Notaras

Andellion arrives to Javali

Madreen & twins approach Stonehold; troll news spear

Becta enters Harrowdale tomb

Braent surrenders

Vulgar army trains

Stormwind pushing out from Rhodos. Kariel rides to parlay

Travot arrives meets Katerina, takes to Tatiana/Melusine

Damasus-Wrynn negotiates

Battle dies out, retreats

Periandrius-Phorcys connect

Joachim regenty

Free cities infighting Balor persecutin' Trade winds (Krasus parlaying with Bronzes) Krasus' sanctum, Ravenholdt discovers Meryl and dead K, K arrives - - enter the AoM


rescue ops -> Changee captured, tortured  Liera's treachery spreads (word of) (Nidhogg and tales of Wotan and 7 Sons) Galmin assassin, Wrynn-Benes alliance


Atal'jin lead attack, it all starts

QD mustering,

Daevin flees to Valverde

QD mustering QD mustering Javali-Gianata in Firezne QD mustering

Travot+Buffoon in Box

Seranidan fetches Katerina from Box

Xalmor to Arhklem

Wrynn arrives Sorsbrent,

Black Esarim fighting

QD mustering

League enters Ginchar

QD mustering

Elaine converts Lightism,

Joachim emo.

Attacking the Bridge back,

Mouth of M; main battle vs rebels


MH Awakens Legion



Quel'danas - JT dying, 2nd Silver starts Alan, Rim invade Eversong south, change walls Companions return Fenris after Emerald Anazar+Scroll arrives, prison

Krowl, Owen counterattacks

Ethgan leads Arathi survivors in

Javali, Gianata attacked by Ambermillers Eldengar takes Northold Madreen + etc enters Hinterlands Box breakout Rebels to Middlecreek Company investigation Xanthus killed


2nd Silvermoon Gianata takes scroll off Teliel (probably) Collective meeting Assassin; prepping attack on Grinwillow

Minerva's flashback, Richard's drained

League gets out, joined Malachites

Dire Maul funsies


2012 327 Quel Zula Strat Mid Tir Sil HesW Alt HesE Ara Hint Bara Zuld Giln TolBarad KT Khaz Fag Badl Hoch KaraUT SW Southisl Strang Trolls Kalim North Other AoM


JT getting loaifyied

Seneschal arrives; end of 2nd Silvermoon

Maroon attacks Valverde

Companions arrive Shorel'thalas

Andol announces parentage and reign

Anazar flees Gianata, Javali attacks

Madreen is ported to Dalaran from Hinterlands, prophecies for Teliel

Alford etc joins Perinany to Venege

Stormwind attacks

Owen meets Ethgan Franek/Notaras quits, leaves Daughters of Pontus and Cyrisus join Xalmor Arinre and Wrynn to GInchar Ephraim breaks off Bene alliance Seranidan arrives Shit going down, elemental planes crashing, Sargeras invading


Nuva new warchief Van Dam arrives, with D-jack's warnings Firegirl. Alric kills the dragons, Rofl poisons Krowl

Collective attacks Nidhogg, Ewe

Facade arrives 

Stormwind approaches Boralus, 

Bene alliance

Skirvar's death causes outrage in Ironforge Buffoon gets Periandrius into Collective leadershiphunt Rastakhan visited by Jin, Lebenstraum announces Menheva killed, Van Dam escapes, AOM ended


Avalon getting overrun Shorel: flashb. perfectibilists

Gianata knows Marius trapped

Madreen sneaks east

Katerina marries Vit, Queen

Lanudal-Rimtori joint Hinterlands nope.

Quinton-Turpin working,

Facade takes Gimp


Wrynn-Fenris schism deepens

Void God rising

Attack starts,

Malef. frees Melus

Benes take over



(Malef. set up in Box,) Battle of Zul'dare (Void God unleashed?)


Dar'khan, Drakeson, Rimtori and elven integration

Prophet calls for summit

Ravenh + allies assembling at Fenris

Myrokos kidnapped by Loli

Wrathchild-VanDam-future cancerbomb

Berserker Ewe

Sherman claims Bright Lord

(Venege smoked) Marius switches

Javali-Korran-Phorcys dreaming

Xalm setting up new templars-, Malachite friends

Menheva arrives

(Madreen keeld)

Lanudal's council, dwarves worries

Facade almost all, Vigilante + woman attacks

Quinton fighting escaped villains

Xalm's qualms after Xax

Menheva burns Grinwillow (for Madreen, ca)

Malef estab. in Zanzifos

Benes bring Joachim from KT, w. Elaine Seranidan-scheming

Matha brings Ephr and schisming

Arinre leaves

Battle lost

Periandrius sails north, gets Myrokos, heads for Dun Argath

Skirvar buried, formal.

Forumhexa announces Lebenst.


atal'kaizar Tyr's Hand Atrumarion-blood-McGee

(The Box)

(Gian. killd?)

Facade killed SW attacks Patmos, elves evacuate t Fagerstrom


Blackthorn atal'k

Alan captured

CaerD developing plague

2nd Fenris and shenanigans

The Box aftermath, Joachim joins SW

Javali-gods talkin

(Emberstone returned)

Thera Sherman takes over, Krowl wakes Eldengar at Aestbrad, Fourth Legion Krasus collects Raines Jo to Crestf. and Poine schemes Ba'jal and MH duel, talk Plunder Isle; Myrokos-Pirates etc - Collective Civil War Percy and troll councils, revolutions


Mathredis' elven rebel MH and Bajal arrive Ulat GJ, see Ula-T and Mnesthes

CaerD invaded, heart gone

7th Cavalry... in winter

Javali back, injured, sees Aileen

Dalaran meeting, Sherman approachs

Arronax turning, Benes splintering

Trajans leave Hinterlands Lethon brings Egg, promply stolen Incorruptibles lose Oculus to Kithros (Carl G gets painbrand, recruited by Hoch) Irael arrives Österb., Neemin

Seranidan harassing king

Jo-Cyss arrives Balor

Troll revo Troll revo Troll revo Troll revo


In Strat, Lebenstraum laws

Dalaran Battle,

Ashnord and trolls Trajans in Tornio Tath reappears, Frame Electrum tree moment


Mindsmith arrives

Silas, Namor meet, Silas to Balor Namor to Hiji, shardhunt, Seneschals pupils Troll revo


Gilv's watch Andorhal army marches Dalaran battle Rimtori flipping crazy, Teliel ascended Eldengar besieges Stromgarde Balor annex. ceremony


(Strath. taken) Amonshal taken (Dalaran battle) (battle of alterac)


Drakkari at Monteford

White Wolf attacks Fenris

Start hunting Bright Lords

Dalaran aftersiege

Trajans arrive

Trolls at Ashnord, Exhel plagued by Percy Trajans in FIrezne, Thoradin spooking

Eldengar Emperor

(Vit. gets caught)

Kelemar calls Zamashen for questioning Many arrivals to Wanderer Poine brought down KK arrives at dead Senesch. Magyver etc in Oculus
2013 326 Quel Zula Strat Mid Tir Silv HesW Alt HesE Ara Hint Bara Zuld Giln TB, Crest KT Khaz Fag Badl Hoch KaraUT SW Southisl Strang Trolls Kalim North Other AoM


Strath. retaken Andorhal, sea, taken Planning for Kings.

Joach arrives


Meracci disbanded

Dwarf mercenaries

Trolls sail north

Ravenh. manages to get to Zanzif. Joachim ported in, Zamash. heals

Wanderer battle 


(well earlier, Kelae) Bajal vs Daev. angels interrupt; Metzli freed


Nuvazgal goes forth, ish (kingsw.) (March attack leading to Kara and everything) Battle o Fagerstr

Battle of Karazhan,

Ulmat Thondr start

Ulmat Thondr


MH at Ulat

Corin's: Matha arrives, speaks Maka Battle o Kingsway

Hesp stats-Lordaer treaty

(flashb. Bright Lords killing)

Elde.s judgements Malefs. return from Fa March witch Fagerst. Seranidan  March witch

March witch

Benes vs Österberg


Arron. and Gedd dead, MH free

Krasus' return

Gerard and SW vs Crimson M


Percy threatens Jin with plague Kings end Last forces marching out, to Alterac and trolls Trolls join dwarves vs March Kara cleansing Crimson battle ends, Irael dead Ravenh. etc regroup in Krasus sanctum





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