The Eels: Kings of the Sea

The Eels were the elite amphibious assault unit of Kul Tiras.


The Kul’Tiras 10th Amphibious Legion, codenamed “The Eels,” were a team of elite frogmen. Each must undergo rigorous training and are hand-picked by Commodore Namor Periandrius for placement on the team.


Tabard of the Eels

The Eels have some of the most rigorous training for amphibious combat specialists. They are trained to operate in almost every aquatic environment, from shallow basins to lakes to shark-infested waters and even the frigid depths of the polar regions. The washout rate is over 95%. When not on assignment, Eels commonly serve on marine outposts and also augment personnel on Kul Tiras naval vessels.

Their leader during the Great War was Lieutenant Commander Brutus Armaggon.

The Great WarEdit

Periandrius tasked the eels with the capture of a powerful mage who interfered in the purging of Lightists from Kul Tiras. The mage was alleged to have taken up refuge in the Hesperian town of Seashire. The Eels, lead by Armaggon, descended on the town just as it had just been occupied by forces from Stromgarde.

Utilizing skill and special weapons, the Eels managed to surprise and capture their target, the Council of Tirisfal’s Guradian Scavell, and Elrich, a Crimson Cabalist of Stromgarde. They successfully egressed back to Kul Tiras with their prisoners, and managed to set Seashire’s grainery ablaze so as to starve the occupying Stromgardians.

Notable EelsEdit

Brutus Armaggon

Kul Phorcys
Brutus Armaggon (The Eels)  · Mrs. Proudmoore  · Namor Periandrius  · Phorcys  · Thaumas Proudmoore

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