The Windwhisper has sailed the waters of Darrowmere Lake with Captain Whitewave at its helm since before the First War. The elven destroyer received numerous commendations during the Second War, including the Blue Star of Kul Tiras, awarded by Admiral Proudmoore himself, following the Battle at Darrowmere. Escorting Uther the Lightbringer to Caer Darrow, the ship had come under fire from the Alterac fleet led by Lord Adhenholde, commander of the traitorous Lord Perenolde's naval forces. Occupied by this attack, they were unable to stop Gul'dan from reaching the Caer and overcoming its defenders. After sending the Alterac fleet into the lake's frigid depths, Whitewave and Uther were able to rescue a handful survivors from Caer Darrow, but the Order of Druids had been extinguished.

Caer Darrow turned into a wasteland in the following years, forsaken by the elves after its desecration. The centre of the lake was always unseasonably cold, and no human or elven ships ventured near the dark peaks of the isle.

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