Stay awhile and listen...

Strattania was the easternmost part of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Its borders encompassed a vast area, containing forests, cities, villages and many races, few of which believed that the King of Lordaeron held any jurisdiction in their lands.

From the Deathgrin gnolls to wayward troll tribes, Strattania was a place of danger and intrigue. Its bastions of civilization included the cities of Tyr's Hand, Corin's Crossing and Stratholme. These cities were connected by trading highways, but beyond those highways lurked wild things and forgotten beasts.

Humanity first crept up in Strattania through the form of Bruxist cults. Even after the lands began to be tamed, Bruxist religion persisted in the region. The segments of the population that maintained Bruxist beliefs went on to form the Maroon Cult of Brux.

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