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Theme list :

Theme of the Witch Hunters
Imperial Stromgarde Victory Parade
Dictator Javali
Ille Cantus Hesperianorum (the Anthem of Hesperia)
The Theme of General Leo
The Theme of General Marius
The Theme of Dalaran
Franek Snowburn
Thaumas, Phorcys and Pagan Kul Tiras
Lord Xie Attacks! Alterac, Forever!
Skirvar's Quest to Save the Highthane
Strattania Theme (Eastern Lordaeron)
Council of Tirisfal
Gilneas Theme
Trollish Summertide
The Fenris Isle Massacre
The People's Front
Last Hour of the People's Front
The Tale of Tileot and Andol
Theme of Ravenholdt
Van Dam's Theme
Council of Tirisfal Chant
The Theme of Amron Radiun Malad
Maximus Krowl or Halman Perenolde?
The People of Alterac
Fear of Dead Gods; Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai
Operation RavenDawn - Infiltrating Alterac
Death of the Highthane
Aftermath at Ginchar
Against the Other
The Fall of the Chancellors
Reunification of the Azure Churches
Zanzifos (The Azure Mosque)
Grinwillow, Seat of the Esoteric Order

THE ABSORPTION OF XIEEEEEEEE (Confrontation with the Personification of Voracity!)
Something about a spear of mana!
The Four Gods:
Muhar: the Ivory Emperor
Brux: the Maroon Champion
Mnesthes: the Viridian Spirit
Zinine: the Azure Matriarch

The Prophet of Mnesthes
Zinizar: the Mistress of the Hareveim
The Anguish of Men'heva

The Tragedy at Tarren Mill

Operation Ravendawn

The Secret Ingredient

Kill Kavdan

The Battle of Boralus Is Over

So what now, James Muhrixan?

Augusta is here.

Lucio Benado's Theme

Port Baradin Pub

Zul'Dari Masked Assassin's Theme

Strange Winds of Zul'Dare

Port Baradin Bank Robbery
Boralus Keep Invasion
Leaving Boralus

(Anyone add on whatever you want. This huge list of music has always been just for fun, not like, official ripped soundtracks for these situations and characters and that is that! Just ideas for our own amusement.)

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