Siolfor Blackhammer was the estranged son of Voutgar Blackhammer and wife of Oneida. He returned to Port Baradin, jockeying his heritage in an attempt to gain his father's position from Rogni Bronzebeard. He is close to the elf Lucina Nona Hadanot, a family friend. When Lucina gave birth, it was revealed that Siolfor had fathered a love-child with her, and he was disgraced.

He moved into the world of crime, and was amongst the crime lords working with Facade. However, opportunity arose with the death of Skirvar Thaurissan. The Thane had no living relatives save for one cousion; Oneida, Siolfor's wife. Siolfor's son was crowned Thane, and Siolfor his regent. His first act as Thane Regent was to commit the Dark Iron Clan to war against Dalaran.

Wishing to impress the other thanes, he invited them to Port Baradin for a vacation. This angered Facade, due to the increased exposure this put on criminal activities in the city. The argument got out of hand, leading Facade to kill Siolfor and the other Thanes.

Family treeEdit

Voutgar Blackhammer
Unknown Hadanot
Oneida Blackhammer
Siolfor Blackhammer
Lucina Nona HadanotUl'haik Hadanot
Joldir Blackhammer-Thaurissan
Asciana Blackhammer-Hadanot

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