Silas Lothar
Hail to the King, baby!










Dominot Lothar, son; Thoradin (Ancestor)

Silas Lothar was the King of Stormwind and a member of the Arathi Bloodline, descendent of the great King Thoradin and inheritor of the Empire of Arathor’s legacy.

The Great WarEdit

Lothar initially resolved for Stormwind to remain neutral in the Great War. He feared foreign wars on distant shores costing his kingdom money and lives and he wished to avoid entangling alliances. However, he did make an effort to defuse hostilities by ordering his vassal, Duke Augustus Fenris, to hold a diplomatic summit at Fenris Isle. The Summit failed, and Lothar withdrew all Stormwind citizens from the Isle.

Later, Lord Travot Ravenholdt arranged a meeting with Lothar desperately entreating him to join the conflict. Lothar again refused, but Stormwind’s General, Linus Wrynn, had other plans. Linus confronted Travot on his way back to Ravenholdt and implored him to help usurp control of Stormwind from the king. Travot, happy to find an ally in the kingdom, gladly allied with Wrynn.

The two hatched a plot to smear Lothar’s reputation amongst an already divided populace to force him to abdicate his throne. Using patsies, they spread the idea that Lothar was a secret Bruxist. Many believed it, and protested Lothar’s rule. This justified a confrontation in the throne room, where Lothar refused to abdicate in favor of Wrynn despite the smear job.

However, unbeknownst to Linus, Travot had arranged for his Wildpaw Gnolls under Tooth to attack and raze Northshire Abbey. A herald brought this news, and Wrynn immediately assembled a host to put down the attackers. Lothar still refused to step down, but facing a galvanized populace and seeing no other choice after being attacked by “Bruxists,” he did agree to bring Stormwind into the Great War.

His first order was for Linus and Duke Fenris to prepare the navy and use it to send the army to claim Balor, the Tirasian colony off the coast. The navy would then sail them to the theatres of war in the north.

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