The Siege of Andorhal was the final battle between the People's Front of Lordaeron and the royalist armies of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Canbrad and his soldiers had fortified Andorhal and planned to hold it hostage, as Andorhal was home to the bulk of Lordaeron's grain supplies. Canbrad planned to starve the kingdom into submission if he did not have his way.

Adaen Melrache led the offensive to retake the grain silos. When Adaen's forces broke into the city, Oran ordered Warren Greystone and his men to set fire to the grain silos. Warren, however, was a double agent, working for Maximus Krowl, who had shifted his allegiances to the crown. Unwilling to starve his own people by burning the silos, Warren turned on Oran and surrendered. Oran was captured.

Canbrad fought Adaen Melrache in single combat and was slain. Andorhal was retaken, ending the People's Front of Lordaeron.

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