Shortee Fizzlebang
Shortee Fizzlebang
Half-Gnome, Half-Elf, all action!


Half-gnome, half-elf


Council of Tirisfal


Junior Councilor of Tirisfal




Erbag (father)

Shortee Fizzlebang was a junior member of the Council of Tirisfal during the Great War.


The diminutive race of the Gnomes were very reclusive and unknown to the world at large until centuries after the Great War when a gnomish village was discovered by the Dwarves. Having an affinity for magic, however, the Gnomes were noticed by the Council of Tirisfal much earlier. They historically have held seats on the Council, and during the Great War the Gnomish Councilor was Erbag.

While serving on the Council, Erbag fell in love with and married a High Elf woman. She affectionately referred to him as “the tripod.” This, however, was against convention and generally frowned upon by High Elven culture. The marriage produced a child, Shortee Fizzlebang.

Shortee’s surname is taken from her father’s side, even though he ceased to use it with regularity by the time she was an adult.

The Great WarEdit

Shortee was raised as a mage by her father and served as a junior member of the Council of Tirisfal. While the senior members of the Council were active during the Great War, she supervised Council activity in Shorel'Thalas.

When Robere de Changee, Percy Fayette, and Cerzimon came to Shorel’thalas to investigate the Perfectibilists, Kithros ordered Shortee to assist them. Arronax attacked and likely destroyed the lost city. Shortee was lucky to escape alive. She washed up on the shore of Fenris Isle and was greeted by Warester Van Dam.

Ewekapu Marsh developed an infatuation of sorts with her.

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