The Chancellors, Kingdom of Alterac


Leader of the Assassin-Magi







Shade was appointed by General Gabranth as the leader of Alterac’s Assassin-Magi. He was a bald-haired male wearing Assassin's Creed-esque clothing. He was known for his hissing and drawn out use of the letter “s.”

On the voyage from the Kingdom of Alterac to Fenris Isle for the famous conference, Shade saved Tendura Xie’s life by barrel-rolling into Archmage Saadhal Mundis of the Kirin Mora, who was attempting to sink their ship.

When chaos broke out at Fenris, Xie ordered Shade to attack Javali of Dalaran. Shade was struck inadvertently with a fireball hurled by Skirvar Thaurissan that was meant for Javali. He was seemingly dead.

He was quickly reanimated by Chancellor magic and attacked Grand Master Warester Van Dam and Council of Tirisfal member Relfthra. They punched him in the face and threw him off the balcony, to his second demise.


Hehehehe!!! Through the ULTIMATE power of the Chancellorsss I have been granted life anew!! Now the only quessstion is which one of you is gonna tosss my sssalad!!!

  - Shade

Move to a distance where you cant obstruct Skirvar and attack from there! Also dont worry about shade!!! We will appoint a new sucessor once this is over!!!

- Xie

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