The Second Battle of Silvermoon/Atalm took place when self-declared King of the Elves, Kariel Winthalus, took advantage of the distraction caused by the Battle of Quel'Danas. He opened many portals into Quel'Thalas, leading an army composed of the many allies he had assembled.

These allies included soldiers from the Wrynn Expedition of Stormwind and the Esoteric Order. Also present were Mallick Vitalian's clansmen, Zaramim and Hareveim from Dalaran and many of the Benefactors.

Taking the trolls by surprise, the invaders expected little resistance. However, the various splintered factions had never fought alongside one another before. The Esoterics had never even been on the mainland before and the clansmen were disorganized, while the humans of Stormwind were reluctant to fight alongside pagans.

The city had also been modified by the trolls, with many streets being blocked off and new ones carved out, to confuse any elves trying to reclaim their city. It worked very well.

However, Kariel Winthalus was willing to win the battle at any cost, and made huge sacrifices to lead a charge against Sunfury Spire and to secure the walls. Many, many lives were lost over the days spent fighting, but the Second Battle of Silvermoon ended in with the Benefactors taking the city. The war, however, was far from over. It was only a matter of time before the cohesion of Kariel's forces was broken. Kariel was killed by Ephraim Marsh of the Esoteric Order but raised again by the Seneschal of Karazhan. Once undead, Kariel raised many bodies into service to use against the trolls. He was stopped, however, by Lez'li, Ba'jal and Alyson Antille. With undead Kariel's defeat, the undead collapsed and Silvermoon returned to trollish control.

Offensive Factions Offensive Command Defensive Factions Defensive Command
The Benefactors

Kariel Winthalus

Elyon Summerdrake


Hathvelion Hawkeye

Zul'Aman, Amani

Various commanders


Esoteric Order

Ephraim Marsh

William Olmstead


White-Haired Wolf

Alyson Antille

Hareveim Zandali Corps Various commanders
Zaramim Metellus Cipher
Wrynn Expedition Francis Germaine
Arathi Freedom Movement, Clan Highwind Briac Alttuul

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