Sagan Deathgrin
Howling Commando.


Maroon Cult of Brux, Gnolls of Strattania


Overlord of the Gnolls of Strattania




Deceased/Killed by James Sherman at Stratholme



Sagan Deathgrin was a notorious gnoll overlord who eagerly joined the Maroon Cult of Brux.

Biography Edit

Sagan Deathgrin; a name that struck fear into the hearts of every human and gnoll in Strattania. Even as a pup, it was clear that Sagan was destined to be the strongest and fiercest of his pack, and it was an expectation that he lived up to. Unifying the bands of gnolls in Strattania one at a time, Sagan quickly set his eyes upon juicy human settlements to burn and loot. It was inevitable that raids grew upon him and fed his thirst for blood, and it was not unexpected when he gained a love for raping human women.

A monster in every conceivable way, Sagan did not expect to be approached by a calculating elf who appreciated his talents. It was one harsh Winter, while camped in the foothills of the north, that Sagan was approached by Amron. It was Amron who seduced Sagan with promises of conquest beyond his wildest dreams. All Sagan had to do was recollect his people's worship of the Maroon God, Brux, and act upon such worship by joining the Maroon Cult. Slowly but surely, Sagan learned to work with Amron's human raiders, and when the uprising in Corin's Crossing came, Sagan marched to join Amron's army, followed by thousands of gnolls.

United under one banner, the Bruxist gnolls and humans split into two legions. One, Sagan commanded personally alongside the warlord known as Wiglaf Folles. Dubbing their legion the Maroon March, Sagan and Wiglaf set off for Stratholme. On their journey they bickered, but found that they had common interests, and learned to appreciate each other's company. Ultimately, Sagan was to meet his end while laying siege to Stratholme. Marshal James Sherman had led a relief force alongside Borett Pureblood, and together they defeated Sagan and slew him, ending the Maroon March.

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