Political Powerhouse

The younger brother of Bolverk Bronzebeard, and an ambitious and shrewd politician. Rogni enjoyed an impressive deal of power within his clan despite not being the Thane. He often made decisions alongside his brother, who would often consult him.

With the Highthane sick, possible candidates for the new opening on the throne were put forward. Rogni jockeyed for that position using his influence and pulling strings. Nonetheless, his ambitions were cut short by the fact that he remained the younger brother of Bolverk, who was more likely to gain the crown.

Regardless, it was Relgast Anvilmar who assumed the throne upon returning to Ironforge.


Rogni was appointed Baron of Port Baradin, succeeding the highly corrupt and definitely villainous Voutgar Blackhammer. He became widely unpopular due to his hard-line stance against crime; as the Port's population was largely criminal, it isn't surprising. Eventually Siolfor, the son of Voutgar, returned to the port and started jockeying for Rogni's position. He quickly became very popular.

Fearing an uprising, Rogni payed Junno Flyntrock to procure private information about Siolfor. Junno delegated its delivery to one Ewekapu Marsh, who delivered the package to Hogul Brightletter, a member of Baron Bronzebeard's staff. However, Junno double-crossed the Bronzebeard camp by leaking news of the illegal information transaction to the public, in exchange for payment by the Blackhammers. This created a large controversy surrounding the already unpopular Baron. To quell the riots he authorized his adviser, Ignal Ironroot, to do whatever was necessary to do so. This included exiling the crew of Bartholomew Dampwallace's ship the Nidhogg, whom he had used as a scapegoat. Quinton Stone stayed behind to investigate.

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When news of the death of Skirvar Thaurissan reached Ironforge, Rogni began organizing a volunteer army to assault Dalaran. Facade destroyed the fleet that would have transported the army to Hesperia and had the blame placed on Stromgarde. Rogni eagerly led his forces over the Thandol Span to attack pagan regime of Mallick Vitalian, intending to place Eldengar Trollbane on the throne before proceeding to Hesperia.

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