Rogeh was an alpha in the Deathgrin clan under Sagan Deathgrin, and thus a member of the Maroon Cult of Brux. During the Maroon March, which he formed a part of, he took great pleasure in the slaughter that swept across Strattania. When Sagan was killed outside Stratholme, Rogeh and the Deathgrins fled back into their homeland in the hills.

A power vacuum developed in which Rogeh hoped to become the new chief alpha of the clan to replace Sagan. His rival was fearsome, and the score was not settled until Rimtori Sanguinar intervened and ensured that Rogeh emerged victorious over his opponent. As the new chief of the Deathgrin, Rogeh followed Rimtori's orders and led his clan deeper into Lordaeron to honour the Maroon Cult and its mission.

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