Rofelius Rofalelu was a herald and courier of the royal court of King Alford Menethil. His simple role landed him in a disproportionate amount of trouble. Captured by the People's Front of Lordaeron and imprisoned within Hearthglen, Rofelius was held as a hostage. King Alford Menethil travelled to Hearthglen as a result, to negotiate with the People's Front. It was, however, less important to Alford whatever happened to Rofelius compared to other negotiations. For this reason, Rofelius was largely forgotten within his prison cell. The King assumed that he would be freed after making a deal with Maximus Krowl. Krowl ordered the People's Front to disband, but it was not to be so.

Canbrad remained in command of the rebellion, and Rofelius was left to rot in his prison cell. Only after the People's Front was defeated at Andorhal was Rofelius Rofalelu finally freed by the new administrators of Andorhal; Daevin Shadowbreaker and Lucius Fordring. Upon his release, Rofelius lashed out in rage at the injustice done to him, and he raised riots throughout the city.

King Alford responded harshly, and had the riot put down with violence. Rofelius Rofalelu was thrown into the dungeons of Lordaeron City and he awaited execution. Once again in a prison cell, Rofelius despaired. Luck was to finally smile upon him, however, when Andol Corin stormed Lordaeron City. He freed Margaret Corin, Oran and Rofelius Rofalelu. In gratitude, Rofelius Rofalelu pledged himself to the new regime.

One of his first tasks as a Maroon herald was to represent Andol Corin at the crowning ceremony of 'Halman Perenolde' in Alterac. Rofelius took the opportunity to poison Perenolde, using the rare and highly deadly Death Lily.

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