Rodin Fornsform
The Council of Tirisfal's operations were known to be successful partially due to the planting of agents throughout Azeroth, where the action was most evident. Thus was Rodin Fornsform the Council's eyes and ears in Gilneas, before, during and after its civil war. He was 'personal wizard' to Viktor Greymane, in truth nothing more than a friend and advisor to the royal line. Rodin saw terrible events transpire, such as the assassination of Viktor Greymane, and was unable to intervene in time. He saw the Malachite Hand act against the Azures within which he had been planted, and he witnessed atrocities acted out by all factions involved in the civil war. Ultimately, he became disillusioned with his task.

He was captured by Warester Van Dam and Relfthra when he lost contact with the Council due to the ambush conducted by the separate parties of Zamelean and Magyver McGowan. Rodin revealed much of what he had learned, including that General Mordred Baldanes had formed a link with D'vorjakque.

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