Robin Keats was a member of Ravenholdt’s elite Nightslayers.


Robin Keats was born into Ravenholdt, where his dedication and skill lead him to eventually become a member of the elite Nightslayers.

Keats joined Travot Ravenholdt on his diplomatic mission to Alterac. He remained hidden and aided Travot and the rest in escaping from the prisons after their initial arrest, and then was a part of Project: Ravenclaw - the clandestine operation to remove Alterac’s Chancellors.

After assisting in setting up the explosive device that would eventually topple Alterac’s citadel, Keats joined Travot Ravenholdt in disgusing himself as a chef to infiltrate the grand banquet and cook-off where his team would rescue the captured Warester Van Dam, Myrokos Silentform, and Relfthra. He was with that group when they were confronted by the Other in the citadel’s corridors.

Keats was killed by the Shade of Yeven, a shadowy specter made manifest by the Other at the height of its power.

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