Robere de Changee
De Changee
The Bald and the Bold






Nightslayer; Nightslayer Leader





Robere de Changee was a member of Ravenholdt’s elite Nightslayers and lieutenant to Hellen von Xie.

Having been born into Ravenholdt, he trained diligently throughout his entire life. Making the Nightslayers was the proudest moment of his life. Eventually, after the death of Hellen von Xie, Robere would be promoted to leader of the Nightslayers.

He was very disappointed when he discovered he was loosing his hair, so he shaved it all off rather than display
a receding hairline.

The Great WarEdit

Robere assisted Hellen in the assassination of Philip Juntridge, supported Travot Ravenholdt on his mission to Alterac City that eventually resulted in toppling the citadel and the regime of the Chancellors, and joined the Companions in a defeating Yarin Angerforge, attempting to expose the Perfectibilists, and rescuing Alford Menethil. He was eventually captured by Zinizar and brought to Dalaran, where he was brutally tortured. His friends were not willing to abandon him lightly, however. Skirvar Thaurissan sacrificed his life to ensure the safe escape of Robere and many dwarven prisoners from within the sewers of Dalaran.

Robere afterwards gained access to Shorel'Thalas alongside Percy and Cerzimon. Kithros took them there, introduced them to Shortee Fizzlebang and authorised them to access the memory stones that let them experience the Perfectibilist Summit. Arronax Sanguinar arrived shortly after, however, and killed Robere, bringing Shorel'Thalas collapsing down in the process.


Undead Robere

Back in Black.

Robere was resurrected as an undead by the vile necromancy of Arronax. This necromancy not only reanimated the dead Krol but also distorted his personality, making him vicious and perverse but still in possession of this living memories. He assisted Arronax in finding the resting place of Krol and reanimating him as well.

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