Rimtori Sanguinar


The Benefactors


Protege of Kariel Winthalus, Benefactor, Maroon Templar






High Elf

Magus Rimtori was a protege of Kariel Winthalus, and one of the lords of the Benefactors, a pagan organization of elves who served Men'heva. She had an affair with Myrokos Silentform and exposed him as an agent of Ravenholdt. Rimtori was once a lover of Relfthra, and sired a child through him whose bloodline would one day lead to Valeera Sanguinar.

Early LifeEdit

The Great WarEdit

During the early stages of the Great War of Lordaeron Rimtori's approach was less hands on. She was the one who sent Xalmor Windrunner and Amarian Zeshuwal to Dalaran in search of aid from Javali. She eventually got more personally involved, taking over the Maroon Cult of Brux after the death of Amron Radiun Malad. She worked to ensure that Rogeh Deathgrin succeeded Sagan Deathgrin as alpha of the Deathgrin clan of gnolls.

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The intricacies of power.

The Benefactors
Kariel Winthalus  · Xalmor Windrunner  · Rimtori Sanguinar  · Amarian Zeshuwal  · Seranidan

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