Major Dick

Major Dick

Richard "Dick" de Marmont was a major in the Sorsbrent army. He was demoted several times since Xalmor Windrunner, Amarian Zeshuwal, Warren Greystone, and Magyver McGowan first arrived at Ginchar, and accidentally killed Viktor Greymane.

This act haunted Dick, leading him into the service of Tobijah Kruel. He eventually was turned into the Black Esarim and took up Painbrand as his weapon. He engaged the Malachite Hand, Minerva von Xie and Warren Greystone in battle at Harrowdale, where Warren's magical dagger separated Richard from his powers. He was thus the only Esarim thus far to have lost his Esarimhood, once again becoming a mortal man.

As a mortal man he wandered into the widlerness, but was destroyed by the very shadow he had sought to control.


"Must I remind you that calling me Major Dick will inspire more fear in the troops, sire?"

"I have a pair of coconuts."

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