Reginald Redpath


Kul Tiras


Captain of the Royal Guard




Deceased/Killed by Skirvar Thaurissan at Fenris Isle



The son of Donald Redpath, a landowner from Zul'Dare, Redpath grew up in the town of Middlecreek. It was there that he befriended Henry Caldwell, and with Henry, set out to the capital of Boralus to seek fortune and fame. Both men ended up joining the royal guard of the Grand Admiral, and saw service under Phorcys and promotion under Thaumas Proudmoore. It was a keen eye and a talent for a stiff upper lip that gave Redpath the right credentials to rise to become head of the royal guard, much to Henry's jealous disdain. A devoted fanatic of Mnesthes, Redpath's friendship with Henry disintegrated and his life became a single minded mission to preserve and defend his Grand Admiral.
Reginald Redpath

First rule of being Captain of the Guard... Never Fall in Love.

Redpath saved Thaumas' life on numerous occasions, foiling Lightist assassination attempts by plunging his sword into suspicious faces. He quickly grew attached to his master, and supported him in the difficult times when Phorcys returned from the sea covered in barnacles, seaweed and looking monstrously misshapen. With Phorcys returned as a demigod to advise Thaumas, Redpath had wondered if a golden age for Kul Tiras was imminent. It was not to be. Thaumas was called away on a diplomatic mission to Fenris Isle. Redpath and Phorcys joined him. Redpath and the royal bodyguard mounted couatl and followed from a distance, hiding their numbers amidst the clouds so as to not arouse suspicion from any pompous officials at Fenris Isle. They passed through Dalaran, allied with the Hesperian Alliance and finally converged at Fenris Isle. Negotiations went terribly, and rogue magi from the Kirin Mora interrupted the meeting violently.Thaumas attempted to escape by flying away atop a couatl. The assassin Grand Master, Warester Van Dam, managed to grapple onto the couatl regardless.

Redpath fled towards the ships that Dalaran's delegation had used to sail to Fenris Isle. He fought alongside Ulyssan and Javali to secure their retreat, all the while uncertain of Thaumas' fate. The intervention of the dwarf, Skirvar Thaurissan and his compatriots, Urel Wildhamme and Jaril Bronzebeard, created new problems. Redpath refused to leave without Thaumas, and thus stood and fought the traitorous dwarves. When Jaril was killed by Javali and his Hareveim, Skirvar went into a rage, releasing a magical assault that incinerated Redpath.

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