Holy city by phoenix feng-d42f8xx

Home of the Muharists of Stromgarde.

Redhill was one of Stromgarde's chief cities, located in the eastern part of the Arathi Highlands. It was situated atop a series of ridges and hills, making it a formidable place to assault. Traditionally, it was headed by the Notaras dynasty. At the time of the Great War, it was Lukas Notaras who lorded over Redhill. Notaras was one of the ministers of Stromgarde City's government, but was known to be a staunch follower of Muhar. This exception to the rule was only permitted to keep the pagans of Stromgarde content, but in the end, it gave Notaras the power he needed to help Mallick Vitalian take Stromgarde City and kill Dorath Trollbane.

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