Ramrod Legionnaire

Standard Equipment for a Ramrod Legionnaire

The Ramrod Legion was a traditional military force loyal to Ravenholdt.


The formation of the Ramrod Legion was the end result of Ravenholdt’s top secret operation, Project: Ramrod. The scheme was concocted to expand Ravenholdt’s power by providing them with a traditional military force.

Project: Ramrod was the brainchild of the Lord Travot Ravenholdt. From a young age, Travot was fascinated with the Perinany Legion. They served as his inspiration. In many ways, Project: Ramrod was designed to amass a force that would much resemble the free-traveling fighting force that was the Perinany.

Project leaders sought out recruits from around the globe, regardless of race or ethnicity. Specifically targeted were those individuals who were frustrated with oppressive regimes that serve only the wealthy or religious elite. The bulk of the secret militia’s ranks were filled with disillusioned youth and disgruntled, overtaxed peasants.

Unbeknownst to Grand Master Warester Van Dam, Travot and Hellen von Xie implemented a more lax code of ethics in recruitment in order to bolster numbers. Ramrod also opened its doors to former banditos, brigands, pirates, outcasts, carnies, and deadbeat dads. The less than reputable members made up a small but not insubstantial percentage of the troops. Travot personally preferred having men under his command that were willing to get their hands dirty.

Once recruited, the Ramrod Legionnaires were trained at clandestine, secret facilities scattered across Azeroth. There were locations near Stormwind, in the Wetlands, in Northren Stranglethorn Vale, and near the southern border of Quel’thalas.

Project: Ramrod employed some of the best combat and archery trainers in the world. A whole-sale bargain w
Ramrod Tabard

Tabard of the Ramrod Legion

ith the reclusive Mithril Order secured weapons and plate armor in bulk. A small number of specialized forces were also added to the Legion. The Project recruited an ex-Dalaran mage to train conjurors for magical support, as well as a former Bishop of the Church of the Holy Light to train clerics for healing.

The culmination of Project: Ramrod came when the 1st Ramrod Legion was fully assembled at the base of Ravenholdt mountain. The troops traveled in small numbers from all the clandestine facilities Ravenholdt operated around the world, concealing their movements, and arrived at a hastily constructed camp at the foothills of Ravenholdt Proper where they awaited instructions.

The Great WarEdit

A division of Ramrod Legionnaires escorted Travot and Vord Wallis to Alterac as a security force. During the mission, all but one of them were killed.

Notable LegionnairesEdit

Owen Zverenhoff