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Quinton Stone was the strategist of the Nidhogg, the ship of Bartholomew Dampwallace.


Quinton was born to Esmerelda Sunseed, high elf daughter of Quin'thatano, a highborne from the time of the War of the Ancients. One of the few elves who voluntarily left Quel'thalas, she found herself living in Stranglethorn Vale. She had an affair with Ravenholdt agent-in-training Gregory Stone and soon found herself pregnant with his child. However, Stone had completed his training and had to return to Lordaeron. This did not bother Esmerelda in the slightest; she had always wanted children and was quite certain that she could raise a child on her own. She named her son Quinton, partially after her son's grandparent.

Quinton had a happy and generally peaceful childhood with his mother in Stranglethorn. Possessed by the same wandering spirit that had gripped his mother, he joined the crew of Captain Dampwallace.

Port BaradinEdit

While the crew was in Port Baradin following a daring escape from the Esoteric Order, the new crewmember Ewekapu Marsh was commissioned by Junno Flyntrock to deliver a package to one Hogul Brightletter, who was part of Baron Bronzebeard's staff. However, Junno double-crossed the Bronzebeard camp by leaking news of the illegal information transaction to the public, in exchange for payment by the Blackhammers. This created a large controversy surrounding the already unpopular Baron. To quell the riots he authorized his adviser, Ignal Ironroot, to do whatever was necessary to do so. This included exiling the crew of the Nidhogg, whom he had used as a scapegoat.

Stone felt that his honor had been insulted, and stayed behind to investigate. He soon became a vigilante, acting as a force for good in the city. In the span of several months his efforts cleaned the city up considerably. He gained allies in Commissioner Jack Turpin and Kargkul Pillaclencher. Pillaclencher in particular was helpful, funding and housing Stone to support his anti-crime efforts.


Stone held a lifelong passion for military strategy and exotic warrior cultures. He was very honorable and traditional. A well spoken man, he frequently debated but rarely held grudges.

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