Prax Danraf


Kingdom of Alterac, The Chancellors


Messenger, Caretaker




Deceased/Killed by Hellen Von Xie in the form of the Other



Prax Danraf was an ambassador representing the Kingdom of Alterac. One of many tainted by Lord Tendura Xie's madness, he was reputed to have the infamous Alterac accent that was often hard for outsiders to properly comprehend.


Prax Danraf's family had been immigrants from distant Stormwind, returning to their historical homeland of Alterac during a time of famine. The successive Danraf generations back in Alterac grew to wealth and prosperity, often willing to assist the Chancellors with their dirty transactions. Having gained the favour of the Chancellors, members of the Danraf family were raised in the courts to act as emissaries and notaries. They were also employed to look after the Xie dynasty and to help raise the Xies when they were still growing up. It was known that the Chancellors themselves, more often than not, were not good with children. Thus it fell to the Danrafs to assist them with menial tasks at the early stages.

Prax Danraf was one such member of the family, and was tutored by Caxagord. Amongst Prax's duties were learning to be able to control the Xies, as their madness often had a negative effect on the untrained psychology.

The Great WarEdit

Amongst Messenger Prax's tasks was to strike up negotiations with the Hesperian city of Tarren Mill. Prax visited Mayor Philip Juntridge of Tarren Mill, but had little luck in turning the mayor over to his side. Assassins from Ravenholdt soon assassinated Juntridge, and pursued and captured Prax.

Prax was taken to Ravenholdt, where he came face to face with Hellen Von Xie. Having learned how to control the Xies, Prax played a musical tune which activated the tainted blood of Hellen, turning her into an aspect of the dead god, Akaerna-Sagai. Thereafter known as the Other, Hellen killed Prax to sate her growing hunger.

When Ravenholdt infiltrated the citadel of Alterac itself, Warester Van Dam came face to face with the Other once more. The Other unleashed the damned spirits of those it had consumed against the agents of Ravenholdt. However, the spirit of Krol and those who had redeemed themselves managed to empower the agents of Ravenholdt. Prax Danraf had repented, as his raising of the Other had only led to his own demise. In death, the regime of fear the Chancellors had employed no longer held Prax in sway. Prax Danraf revealed that the Other could be dealt with as one would deal with bleeding. This revelation allowed Warester Van Dam and his allies to overpower and stem the flow of the Other, freeing Hellen from its clutches.