Old city by wanbao

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Port Baradin was a seedy port on the west coast of the Wetlands, full of crime and villainy run by Duke Voutgar Blackhammer. Years before the Great War of Lordaeron Bartholomew Dampwallace met the young Valabelle here. They fell in love and Valabelle joined him at sea, marrying him. After Voutgar's death Rogni Bronzebeard was put in charge.

Quinton Stone vs FacadeEdit

After the crew of the Nidhogg was implicated in a political scandal, Quinton Stone remained in the city, determined to clean up the notoriously crime-filled city.

After three and a half months, he had done a tremendous job. During the night, he patrolled the street and broke down crime rings. This weakness in the established crime scene lead to the notorious Facade making a play for power in the city. He started by robbing the bank of Hromith Morani. During the robbery, Morani's men arrived to protect him. Facade turned the tables, killing Morani and seizing control of his forces. This gave him a firm hold in the city.

Facade later ousted the Gimp from the city and made the other crime lords his subordinates. Using their funds, he funded an archaeological dig that discovered the Bastion of Eraka no Kimbul. He recovered from the Bastion the Ancient Oculus. Meanwhile, the death of Skirvar Thaurissan lead to Baron Rogni organizing a volunteer army against Dalaran. Facade used the Oculus to destroy the fleet that would have carried this army to Hesperia and made it look like an attack from Mallick Vitalian's Stromgarde. This lead the dwarves to war with Stromgarde, with Rogni promising to help reinstate Eldengar Trollbane as rightful heir.

Meanwhile, Quinton Stone discovered the fraud but could not stop it.

After the WarEdit

Port Baradin eventually came to be known as Port Menethil.

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