Pierronne Drace
Gender-Bending at its Most Militant












Samhus Drace

A Chancellor and the General of Alterac; she joined forces with Caxagord to overthrow the fascist regime and its genetic project in the Kingdom of Alterac. Originally one of two children of the former Chancellor Drace, Pierronne watched jealously as her brother, Samhus, inherited the hereditary position in the ruling council of Alterac. Believing that she was born for the role of general of the nation, she murdered her brother and disguised herself as him. Her ruse lasted, though it did not last forever. Eventually, Xie's magics warped her and forced her to break her cover in a most humiliating fashion. She was thrown in prison and replaced with Mikhail Gabranth. In her absence, Bergan Yezhov resumed power and overthrew Dartol Caxagord. It was a vicious game of backstabbing that Drace had temporarily been cut out of.


Disguised as her Male Brother

Eventually, the Chancellors betrayed their guests from Ravenholdt, and Drace found herself accompanied by her former enemies. Determined to gain her vengeance, Drace allied with them and helped them plant their arcane bombs in the labyrinths below the citadel. She formed part of the first assault team that struck at Xie's tower, but once again, Xie's magic twisted her mind and forced her into submission. She was freed by the intervention of Warester Van Dam and Relfthra. While the agents of Ravenholdt fled the tower, Drace remained behind to hunt General Mikhail Gabranth. When Hellen von Xie stepped through a portal into the labyrinth to detonate the bombs that Drace had helped plant, Gabranth intervened to save the citadel. Drace rescued Hellenand fought and killed Gabranth, and the bombs were detonated. The resulting explosion destroyed the many Xie family members who were in dormancy beneath the citadel, but also killed Hellen and Drace.


"It is true, Xie. I am Samhus Drace, daughter of Helenor of Amanazak. And long have I watched you. Take me, Xie! I know you dream of me as I dream of you; you haunt me Xie! Take me! Take me like an aminal Xie!"