People's Front of Lordaeron

Main Leader

Maximus Krowl

Secondary Leaders

Canbrad, Warren Greystone, Emilda Blackmoore, Henrick Balnir

Capital/Based In



Several thousand human rebels from Lordaeron


To overthrow King Alford Menethil and institute a republic, to kill Archbishop Marden and end the witch hunts


Maroon Cult of Brux

The People's Front of Lordaeron was the result of Maximus Krowl's personal agenda coupled with the passionate dreams of thousands of citizens in the kingdom who hoped to see a new age dawn. An age of democracy without a monarchy, in which they would all have equal rights.

Summary Edit

Originally founded out of a quest for personal vengeance by Maximus Krowl, the movement gained immense amounts of popularity when the witch hunts of the Church of the Holy Light kicked into full swing. People joined out of fear or out of needing to take justice into their own hands. Canbrad, an influencial councilman and woodsman of Hearthlgen, led a large uprising after an emotional meeting in the town square. The governor was killed and Maximus Krowl became the figurehead of the rebellion, with Canbrad commanding practical power and the loyalty of most of the men. With Krowl as a political voice and Canbrad as the military might, the People's Front set about harassing anyone who pledged fealty to the crown.

Eventually, Krowl lost interest in the rebellion, as he had no true personal dreams of doing away with monarchism. In truth, his was but a problem of a love affair gone wrong, leading to his expulsion from the army. In a private meeting with King Alford Menethil, Maximus Krowl made a special deal. The People's Front was to be disbanded, in exchange for a most secret reward.

Canbrad would have none of it, however. On the eve of Krowl's fake execution in Lordaeron City, Canbrad and his loyalists stormed the square with the help of a hedgewizard named Oran, a representative of the Maroon Cult of Brux. They failed to resuce Krowl, and were forced to retreat. To the public, it then appeared as if Krowl was executed, allowing for the young man to have a new alias and serve the King once again.

People's Front

Members of the Front

None of this was very satisfying to Canbrad. Fortunately, his allies in the Maroon Cult had risen up in Strattania, disbanding the Eastern Legion and delivering half the kingdom into anarchy. Taking the opportunity that was presented to him, Canbrad regrouped the People's Front and marched on Andorhal, eager to hold the kingdom's grain supply hostage. Commander Adaen Melrache, chief Witch Hunter under the King, was dispatched to stop Canbrad. Despite initial victories, Canbrad soon found that Adaen Melrache was breaking through his defensive lines in central Lordaeron. The battle was taken to Andorhal itself.

There, Canbrad broke into the city and nearly succeeded in taking it. However, Adaen Melrache managed to fight his way to recapture the grain silos in time. Canbrad himself was slain in single combat during the recapture of Andorhal, and Oran was knocked unconscious. Warren Greystone, one of the rebel lieutenants that had secretly remained loyal to Krowl, surrendered his arms.

That marked the end of the People's Front of Lordaeron.

The People's Front of Lordaeron
Canbrad  · Emilda Blackmoore  · Henrick Balnir  · Maximus Krowl  · Warren Greystone