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Oran was a hedgewizard and member of the Maroon Cult of Brux. He also acted as ambassador between the Cult and the People's Front of Lordaeron.

Biography Edit


Even a berserker needs a guiding hand to direct his rage.

Born into the company of brigands and rogues, Oran found himself in both low and high society throughout his life. By the time his path had taken him to worshipping Brux, whom he believed had given him the strength to endure the hardships of his life, Oran had become a truly skilled sorceror and orator. The combination of his religion and his skills gave him a defining place on the Maroon High Council. Amron recruited Oran while passing through Strattania; Oran could not refuse what was offered to him.

For a time, Oran acted as Amron's protege and majordomo, helping organize and fuel the Cult.

When the uprisings against the crown began, Oran acted as the link between the Maroon Cult and the People's Front, both of which wanted King Alford Menethil dead. This factor they had in common led to enough cooperation to drive half of Lordaeron into anarchy. Oran spent a great deal of time as a friend and ally of Canbrad, and the two fought side by side during their many campaigns. Ultimately, Canbrad was to fall at Andorhal, where Oran was taken prisoner by a traitorous Warren Greystone.

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