The Nightslayers were an elite unit of Ravenholdt operatives that specialized in covert infiltration and wetwork.


Amongst the operatives of Ravenholdt, membership in the Nightslayers was considered an honor. The group was considered to be an elite special operations unit and was often tasked with missions of the utmost importance.

The unit was established two generations before the Great War. The Grandmaster of Ravenholdt had decided that that a cohesive unit of elite agents would be beneficial for high priority missions.

They were notable for their distinct uniforms.

Hellen von Xie was promoted to command of the Nightslayers by Grand Master Warester Van Dam shortly after his ascension to leadership of Ravenholdt. Many in the unit thought this was because she was romantically tied to Van Dam, but she quickly demonstrated that it was her skill and ability that won her the position.

Lucio Benado wanted to join.

Notable MembershipEdit

Hellen von Xie

Robere de Changee

Percy Fayette

Robin Keats