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Niccolo Marius was General of the Western Legion during the Great War. Originally from Alterac, he enrolled in the military of Dalaran and rose through the ranks despite the many obstacles that came his way.

During his tenure as Lieutenant Colonel, posted on the border between Dalaran and Nevezia, he was grouped together with Gianata. He offended her with his assumption that he would have certain privileges because of their association.

He was also chosen to be the first of a new generation of Zaramim.

Once the Hesperian Alliance had been formed, General Marius was sent westwards to handle the Kirin Mora insurgency in Ambermill. He was advised by Magus Primus Augusta and his right hand Marcello DeLuca. The Western Legion was also reinforced in its assault by Count Dorian Armonis. The campaign met resistance from the Perinany Legion, but General Marius ultimately succeeded in taking Ambermill.

A counter-offensive was launched by the Perinany, but this time they had help from Lordaeron's Imperial Host under Marshal James Sherman. After fighting in Silverpine, Dalaran was pushed back as far as Ambermill, despite reinforcements from Gilneas under Metellus Cipher.

Marius was unwilling to make another stand and levelled the fortifications of Ambermil. He then evacuated his forces from the city before the Imperial Host could arrive. Once the Imperial Host arrived, it slaughtered many of the citizens of Ambermill for tolerating the Hesperian occupation of their city.

For a time, Marius remained in sight of Dalaran with his Legion, unwilling to risk confrontation with the Imperial Host. An opportunity arose, however, when Gustav Mageriff of the Perinany offered to capitulate the city of Venege, which had recently been captured, and end the war.

The Western Legion marched for Venege.

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