New Qu
New Qu
Qu to the Exxxtreme!!!




Quartermaster; Research and Development Lead; Inventor







New Qu was an inventor from Ravenholdt, apprentice and successor to Qu.


New Qu, born as <real name redacted>, was a citizen of Ravenholdt. A gifted youth, he showed uncanny aptitude in applied science and magics. He eventually found himself as the main apprentice of Qu, Quartermaster and head of Ravenholdt’s Research & Development division.

When Qu died in the pagan assault on Ravenholdt in the Great War, New Qu was promoted by Myrokos Silentform to replace him.

New Qu always carries an array of tools on his person and commonly wore a protective mask that both safeguarded his face while working on projects and enhanced his vision. The lenses incorporated Qu’s masterstroke, the Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles. New Qu was making sure that he could always see through most any magical cloak or deception, just like Qu always wanted.

He was known to be a bit “extreme” and when not working enjoyed snowboarding on Ravenholdt Mountain and drinking dew collected from the same mountains.

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