Mordred Baldanes


Kingdom of Gilneas, Azure Church of Gilneas









A man with a taste for casual philosophy, foreign wine and military strategy. That was the first-glance profile for General Mordred Baldanes. Growing up as the son of a simple blacksmith in Soben, Mordred would never have imagined that his life would entail the intrigue and horror that it one day would. When his father was persecuted for his religious devotion to Zinine, Mordred's family was forced to hide out in the countryside. Eventually winding up in an orphanage in Ginchar, Mordred swore that changes would be made in his lifetime. Adopted by one of the military men of the city, Mordred was allowed the chance to be educated and to rise through the ranks of the nation. He did so, keeping in mind the bitter oppression of his secret religion.

When as a General, Mordred was sent to quell an insurrection at Zanzifos, home of the sacred mosque of the Azure Church of Gilneas, Mordred turned the tables and supported the priests there. He quickly rose to become the head of a pagan revolt, garnering the support of those he had befriended during his time in Ginchar. Amongst those friends was Parisot de Bracy, who betrayed the country at a crucial battle at Henlinn. The betrayal delivered Gilneas into Mordred's hands, and allowed him to turn Viktor Greymane into a puppet king.

It was revealed that after being instilled with the essence of D'vorjakque that Baldanes lost control of his body, and was unable to resist the heretical commands of the spirit. However, the combined forces of Warren Greystone, using the dagger of Amarian Zeshuwal, Magyver McGowan, Barbara Friendly, and Zamelean managed to slay him, though Zamelean gave his life in the process.

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