Minerva von Xie
Arian by sancient
I am first of the Esarim of the Church of Kruel.


Herself; formerly Church of Kruel







A dark Esarim encountered at Harrowdale by Warren Greystone and Amarian Zeshuwal. She claimed to know Harrowdale well, and had returned to it to seek something that she had henceforth found.

Raised a pupil of Tobijah Kruel, she witnessed his fall from grace and continued to serve him. Eventually, she decided that his madness had gone far enough and sired her own ambitions. She sought to enlist Warren and Amarian for their help in killing Kruel, having heard of their part in stopping Mordred Baldanes. However, she wished to slaughter the populace of Harrowdale, which Warren would not stand for. He and Amarian worked to save the people of Harrowdale and were completely successful. Afterwords Amarian infiltrated Minerva's forces at Warren's request, warning her Kruel's army marching towards Harrowdale.

A disguised Amarian warned Minerva, who secretly saw through her disguise. her made Amarian follow her to the edge of the Lake Mirrowmere, which had been drained by her followers. Said followers then cut themselves, releasing enough blood magic to unlock a mysterious building found in the drained lake. Minerva led the way inside, and discover the last of the Urubori, who had been forced to forge his kind into the Black Iron Golems. Forcibly recruiting him, she revealed to Amarian that she had seen through the elf's guise and tasked her with recovering the Tome of Eternity, which Kruel used to control the Golems. Amarian was outfitted with new weapons and some armor patches. Among these weapons was a whip commissioned by Kruel for Minerva; he had intended for her to whip herself with it but its length made it poorly suited to the task. As she was tougher after becoming an Esarim he had ordered special metals be entwined in it.

In truth, Minerva was actually a Xie; the daughter of Hellen von Xie specifically. She had been smuggled out of Alterac years earlier, when she was a young child, with the Tome of Eternity. Kruel had found her, and in the Tome found corruption. He transformed her into the first of his Dark Esarim, but she rebelled against him. She was part of the final assault on Ginchar to defeat Kruel. When Kruel absorbed the life essences of those within the city to ascend to the form of the Void God, Minerva was amongst the many too weak to resist. She perished, her life drained and her body left a dessicated corpse.

However, she had not died in vain. As the child of Hellen von Xie, her blood contained the Other, the strange entity born of the essences of Xostheron and Akaerna-Sagai. The Other was absorbed unknowingly by Kruel, and it created a permanent weakness with the Void God.

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