Middlecreek was a town on Zul'Dare and the only one to break from the island's isolationist policy, instated by the Esoteric Order of the rival city Grinwillow. It was run by Councilor and Mayor Yuric Caldwell, who was eventually overthrown by Donald Redpath. When Redpath later acted against the Esoteric Order Highlord Xalmor Windrunner ordered Ephraim Marsh to lead an army against in. The Siege of Middlecreek lasted three weeks and by the time it was over the town had been razed to the ground, its men and children slaughtered and its women taken into prostitution.

Dark knight by chevsy-d4wif6g

The Keepers occupy Middlecreek's ruins.

Xalmor Windrunner later ventured into the ruins before destroying them completely.

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